Tractivity Partnership

Complete turnkey stakeholder geo-location management and communications solution

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Tractivity, the UK's leading online Stakeholder Management Software System. This allows us to integrate Mapolitical Data, which is refreshed daily and fully GDPR compliant, directly into the Tractivity SRM system.

Tractivity enables you to track, record and connect with your community. It gives you the tools to deliver a consistent approach to Stakeholder Engagement from your organisation across your Stakeholder landscape.


Mapolitical Data can be imported into a stand-alone Tractivity SRM under licence, or automatically for a client with both Mapolitical and Tractivity Applications. Therefore Tractivity Users will always have daily refreshed Data to communicate to VIP Stakeholders e.g. MPs, Ward Councillors, (Mayors, Chairs, Portfolio Holders, Leaders etc.) Council Officers, Parish Clerks, Devolved Parliamentarians ( MSPs, Welsh MSs, Northern Ireland MLSs, GLA Members), Combined Authorities, LEPs and others. Mapolitical also offers bespoke research to registered Tractivity SRM Users including News desks for Papers, Radio or TV, and many more.

Using Mapolitical Data, Tractivity Users can drill down into any location within the UK and only import the stakeholders that are relevant to you. This could be Data from within a set of client boundary areas or alternatively administrative areas such as counties or districts, Data connected to a particular road or rail route or even Data contained within a manually drawn area

Ensure that your Data remains up-to-date. As stakeholder Data changes on a daily basis, this information will be automatically updated for you directly from Mapolitical into Tractivity each night.

Automatically group each set of stakeholders by category so you can easily identify whom you need to reach and communicate via email, newsletter, or SMS directly from Tractivity, ensuring that you push the right information at the right time.

Track all communications, against each contact directly within Tractivity so everyone within the team has a clear and up-to-date view of what’s been discussed and what actions have been agreed.

By using fresh Mapolitical Data, Tractivity Users can be confident that they can always have the ability to communicate and track VIP political stakeholders regularly on a UK wide basis.