Mapolitical Connect

Mapolitical Connect is a new comprehensive Online Government / VIP Client Stakeholder Database covering a wide range of government / Industry related areas designed and developed by Commercial Evaluations. Indeed all the key VIP political stakeholders you will need to contact in one database.

Our Data is refreshed daily by our in-house research team and such things as by-elections and Cabinet reshuffles are in our Data-set within 24 hours of the Data being made public.

The areas covered by the database include Local Government (Officers, Councillors (approx.. 20,000+), Cabinets/ Portfolio holders/Committees, Chairmen, Key Councillors), MPs, House of Lords, AMs, GLA, NI Assembly and LEPs.

There is a powerful search engine that enables searches to be made across all UK government areas to enable all the main VIP stakeholders to be identified. For example, every MP can be regionally linked to local Councillors via their wards, relevant committees/portfolio holders and Council Officers identified for contact. In addition, MSPs, AMs, NI Assembly GLA and LEPs can be regionally linked in the same way. As an option we can include regularly refreshed Parish Council Clerks

Mapolitical Connect has a wide range of clients covering major utilities, telecom operators, transport operators, Trade Unions, large corporate companies, Government Departments, banks, public affairs, PR agencies and charities etc. Commercial Evaluations also provides electronic streamed data and postcode look-up APIs on a daily basis (see to major, newsgroups, Government Agencies and to over 400 web sites in the UK and overseas.


• From any search a mail merge can be made (export to WORD or Excel).

• Geographically move between different tiers of government using regional links.

• Client Stakeholder database: For a number of clients we can receive ‘Client Stakeholders’ (in EXCEL or other) and integrate them into the Mapolitical Connect service so they are available alongside the Mapolitical Connect Government stakeholder contacts. Client stakeholders can be refreshed on a regular basis by our in-house research team

• Mapolitical Connect can be upgraded to the full Mapolitical Application.

This unique Application allows the User to click anywhere on a UK map down to street level, find and immediately communicate with local VIP Stakeholders.