Political Mapping Consultancy Service

The client provides the infrastructure layout - we do the political mapping work.

We can offer a Political Mapping consultancy service to clients who have existing or new infrastructure.

By working with our consultancy team we can provide a list of the key VIP political and other stakeholders associated with any planned, new or existing client infrastructure (Parliamentarians, Councillors, Council Officers etc). This will immediately open the door for communication to help with Planning and Risk Analysis, implementation and Public Relations (providing news-letters update, progress achievements and updates).

Public Relations Quote: ‘If you don’t tell people how good you are – no one else will’

This consultancy service can cover any planned, new or existing asset infrastructure in the UK, either as a one off snap-shot in time or over a year of changing politics and stakeholders.

A selection of examples:

  • Planned, new and existing Lines of route (road, rail, bus, pipe-line, transmission etc.).
  • Planned, new and existing infrastructure build (new buildings and assets, complex sewerage and drainage systems and similar projects, new towns and housing projects etc.).
  • Retail and Trading infrastructure (Super-markets, petrol stations, service outlets, NHS assets and locations etc.).
  • Depots and maintenance asset locations.
  • Boundary defined assets (unique areas of infrastructure or service, Clinical Commissioning Group Boundaries, Retail Services and other area boundaries).
  • Areas of Disaster / Incident Planning and Monitoring (floods, disease, man-made issues, local community issues)

If you want to know more - please contact us describing your infrastructure.