Mapolitical Postcode Lookup APIs

MP, Devolved (MSP, MS, MLA, GLA), Councillor, Council Officer and Parish Postcode Lookup APIs

We offer a Mapolitical (previously LocatorOnline) postcode lookup service that allows a client to develop a web-based application which carries out a lookup of a postcode, using the our "Application Programming Interface (API)" to gather political representative contact data associated with a postcode. This API can be used to provide an interface with a client's web page and key political representatives supported by the Mapolitical data that we research, thus enabling a wide range of Government contacts and related data to be retrieved from a postcode entered as part of a campaign.

Key Features

Clients can receive data in various formats (CSV, XML, JSON) to allow for creative web page design.

The Government contacts associated with a postcode API can be mixed and matched to suit a clients' requirements. For example, a campaign API can be produced to find MPs, Ward Councillors and Devolved Parliamentarians e.g. MSPs, MSs, MLAs, GLA members etc.

Clients have the ability to log in and monitor the status of their campaign via usage logs.

Data Output

We can provide postcode related stakeholder data in three levels - Basic, Intermediate and Full or a mix of all three. Basic postcode report examples are given below, the intermediate and full returns would incorporate additional contact and biographical information.

A typical basic postcode return for MP/Devolved contacts would be - Title, First name, Surname, Constituency Name, GSS Name, Email, 2nd Email, Party, Salutation, GSS Code, Unique ID Number (Code).

A typical basic postcode return for Councillor contacts would be - Title, First name, Surname, Party, Email, Council, Ward Name, GSS Code, Unique ID Number (Code).

Client Applications

We have a wide range of clients using our postcode lookup technology including Trade Unions, Charities, Campaigning Organisations, Government Bodies and Blue Chip Companies. Please see some examples below:-

Example USDAW Trade Union Campaign

Example Unite Trade Union Campaign

Example Oxfam Charity Campaign

Please contact us for further information on these services.